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At AgReliant Genetics, the needs of our farmer customers guide our research and production efforts. We are a company consisting of technical experts, seed production specialists, and professional sales representatives all focused on bringing the most competitive products to our growers’ fields. Extensive national and global research through on-farm trials and counter-season studies determines the strongest genetic combinations in unique growing conditions across our sales footprint. In the dynamic agriculture industry, we are innovating world-class research and production processes. Our team is committed to growing and adapting our product offering with our customers’ success in mind.
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AgReliant Genetics, LLC
4765 HWY 143
PO Box 635
Marcus, IA 51031
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Location Manager
(712) 376-4133
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Assistant Location Manager
(515) 275-4165
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Cherokee, Plymouth, Boone, Story
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Marcus, Ogden, Ames
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Agriculture, Seed, Production
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At AgReliant we are working to continually build on employee's strengths and use our resources wisely. AgReliant offers many different opportunities in the seed business; at our production locations we have responsibilities that vary with the season and center around corn and soybean seed production (growing, conditioning, packaging, warehousing, shipping).
As a company, we have grown our business and our market share since our inception in 2000, increasing our corn volume by over 300 percent, and we want our employees to grow with us. We facilitate a culture of learning and involvement, where relationships exist across all facets of the company. We believe that the best way to improve our business is through strengthening our people, and we create opportunities for our employees to find their passion at work. At AgReliant Genetics, it’s about the people.