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We work to transform waste materials into products that are valuable and needed by our customers. We work to keep the waste from landfills and strive to deliver our products in the highest possible quality to market for reuse. At our operational facilities we deconstruct waste products back into their basic components with pride and care so that those components can serve a purpose to help our communities and country. Our facilities are light industrial in nature and we take great pride in cleanliness, a positive and uplifting work culture, and holding each other up to a high standard of quality and pride. What we do matters, it is impactful, and important.
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Abacus Solutions Group
810 E South St
Marengo, IA 52301
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(210) 538-6945
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Iowa County
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Manufacturing and light industrial
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We are a veteran owned company and continue to serve the federal government in many of the communities we serve. We are veterans and serve our employees and our customers in everything we do.
Abacus is a SDVOSB with almost 200 employees across the US. In many of our markets we serve the Federal Government working on military bases and government installations.