Become a Home Base Iowa Community

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Become a Home Base Iowa Community Form

Join the growing list of Home Base Iowa (HBI) Communities that are demonstrating a commitment to welcoming and supporting Veterans, military personnel, family members and loved ones in their communities. The HBI Communities initiative designates communities as centers of opportunity for military veterans and further highlights Iowa’s statewide commitment to welcoming and employing veterans. Iowa has a great story to share nationwide, regularly ranking high on lists naming Iowa as a great place to live, work, play and raise a family.

The five steps below are the requirements for becoming an HBI Community.

     Step 1 (pg 2) - Provide community resolution; see example 

     Step 2 (pg 3) - Provide community incentive package; see example

     Step 3 (pg 4) - Provide community business support; see example

     Step 4 (pg 5) - Provide community signage locations; see example

     Step 5 (pg 6) - HBI community event form; see example


NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you print a copy of the entire form and complete it prior to entering any data into the fields on the following pages. You CANNOT save this document.  For questions or Word versions of the forms please submit a contact us web form.


HBI Informational Presentation

If you are interested in having a presentation with a follow-on question and answer session for community leaders and/or local businesses pleas email or submit a contact us web form.